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Attaching Documents To Transaction After Posting

Eclipse provides the ability for users to attach a document to a transaction after it has been posted in the Ledger Inquiry. This feature is very useful if an invoice needs to be posted and paid before all of the supporting documents are received. It is also useful for times of reconciling transactions that have documents missing or incorrect documents attached.


The steps below explain how to attach a document via the ledger inquiry.


1. Navigate to the Ledger Inquiry. General Ledger → Ledger Inquiry


2. Locate any distribution line for a particular transaction. In most cases you would do this by searching the transaction number for a particular transaction. See the following article for how to search for transactions within Eclipse .


The fields available for searching are the following:





-Transaction Number





3. Once you have located the transaction, select it so that it is highlighted in blue and then click the Attachments tab as shown below.


4. From here click the Select Files button to locate the document you would like to attach.


5. In order to locate a document from your computer, you must first select This PC.
Then select Client C: (M Drive).


7. Next select the Users, then your computer name.



8. From here the directory can be selected to find a document on your desktop or documents from other folders. Once you have located the document click Open to finalise the addition of the attachment.