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View Attachments For Transaction In Ledger Inquiry

Within the Ledger Inquiry a user has the ability to view attachments assigned to a particular transaction. All that is required is a search for the transaction and the selection of the attachments tab to view all attachments assigned to the transaction. The steps below explain how to view an attachment in the Ledger Inquiry.


1. Navigate to the Ledger Inquiry. General Ledger → Ledger Inquiry


2. Use the record search to search for a particular transaction and select it. The following article below explains how to search for a transaction using the record search.


3. Once the transaction has been located, select it by highlighting the line in blue then select the attachments tab as shown in the screenshot below.


4. The list of attachments will appear on the left-hand side. Once a selection is highlighted in blue the main body of the module will preview the attachment. From here the attachment can be chosen to be downloaded or printed as required. Simply hover over the main body of the module and select the down arrow to download and the printer icon to print. The screenshots below provide an example and locations of the specific fields and button.