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Record Search

There are two ways you can search for a record. First, you can search by typing the desired record details in the Search text box as shown below or you can search using the Query text box.


Search Text Box

For this section, we will use Vendor Master Maintenance window as an example to run search queries.

1. If you want to search for a record by Vendorclick on the Vendor Name column header to sort the column.


2. After you have clicked on it, you will notice  a '+' will appear next to the name. This indicates that this column has been selected and has been sorted in ascending order. Click on it again and '-' will appear again indicating the selection of the column and using descending sort order. You can do this any of the columns in the list.

3. In the search box, type in the vendor name you want to search for and press Enter. If the vendor name is in the list, the whole row will be highlighted. If it's not there, it will match the nearest record.



Query Text Box

Searching for a record using the query box allows you to customise your search in more detail. It also allows you to save the query criteria for future searches.


  1. Click the Question Mark button  


2. The CHT Query Builder window will open


3. All queries will be saved in the system and can be accessed by clicking on the Thumbtack Button


This option will convert the text box into a list box and by clicking on the arrow as shown below, it will list all the already specified queries. Clicking the Thumbtack Button again will disable the list box.

You also have the option to remove a saved query from the drop-down list by selecting a query from the list and then click on the Scissor's button to remove that query from the list.