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Notes in Budget Worksheet

The Budget Worksheet allows users to add notes to specific chart codes for reference in the future or to be presented on the Cost Report. When using the notes function so that comments appear on the Cost Report the correct report layout must be selected as this report will include a field for notes.

The steps to add notes are very simple and can be explained below.

1. Navigate to the Budget Worksheet module.

2. Once in the Budget Worksheet select any chart code and scroll the page to the right. Click within the notes field, type in the text and press enter to save. Below you will find a screenshot of where to locate the notes field.



To select a Cost Report with the notes added to it click on the Reports button in the Budget Worksheet or navigate to the Financial Reports module under the General Ledger tab. Once the report generator opens select a report type from the drop-down menu as shown in the screenshot below that includes the description notes.